Thursday, 3 November 2011

Experiment to know what do magnet attract

It is interesting to experiment with magnets and find out what objects move towards them and which ones don't. Some people believe that all metals are attracted to magnets. This is not true. Have you ever used a magnet and put it close to a brass key? There will be no magnetic attraction between the key and the magnet.

Testing out what things are attracted to magnets can be fun and surprising. If you are lucky your teacher may even set up a science experiment with magnets. When starting a science experiment it is important to write down what you think is going to happen. What you predict will happen is called your hypothesis.

Science experiment - what objects are attracted to magnets?

For this experiment the first thing needed is a magnet. A bar magnet is the best type of magnet for doing this experiment. After you have a magnet, the next step is to find a number of different materials for testing. There are no rules on what objects should be tested and what should not. You can test anything you are curious about.
Some good things to test are wood, water, paper clips, nails, plastic rulers, elastic bands, batteries and paper. Can you think what will happen when the magnet comes near each object? Write down what you think will happen.

  • Wood will show absolutely no attraction to the magnet.
  • Water will show no attraction to the magnet. Water will be slightly repelled by the magnet.
  • Paper clips will move towards the bar magnet. When the paper clips are placed close enough to the magnet, they will slide towards it, attaching themselves to the magnet.
  • An iron nail will also be attracted to the magnet.
  • The plastic ruler will not be attracted to the magnet.
  • An elastic band will not be attracted to the magnet.
  • The battery will be attracted to the magnet.
  • Paper will not be attracted to the magnet
How did you go,student? Did you guess which objects would be attracted to the magnet?

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