Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Helping plants grow well

Helping plants grow well

1. What will happen to a plant left in the dark?
It will grow green and healthily
It will turn yellow and spindly
It will go to sleep

2. What will happen to a plant that is left un-watered?
It will move to where there is water
It will grow well and healthily
It will wilt and eventually die

3. Which plant will grow best?
A plant grown in the dark with plenty of water
A plant grown in bright sunlight with not enough water
A plant grown in bright sunlight with plenty of water

4. The more water a plant is given, the better it will grow. Is this statement true or false?
It's impossible to say

5. The more warmth a plant is given, the better it will grow. Is this statement true or false?
It's impossible to say

6. Grass does not grow as quickly during the winter as it does during the summer. What could be a reason for this?
It's colder in the winter
It doesn't rain as much in the winter
The grass is sulking

7. Why do you think gardeners grow some plants in greenhouses?
To keep the plants away from the light
To keep the plants warm
To keep the plants cold

8. Why would keeping one plant in a fridge and one on a windowsill not be a fair test of how temperature affects the growth of plants?
Because it will be cold AND dark in the fridge
Because the plant in the fridge will have access to food
Because the temperature will be the same in both positions

9. Which part of a plant takes in water?

10. Which part makes food for the plant?

Plants and animals in the local environment

Plants and animals in the local environment

1. Which of these things are you NOT likely to find in a park or garden?
An earthworm
An oak tree
A crab

2. Which of these best describes a dandelion?
A pink flower with a long stalk
A yellow flower with jagged leaves
A purple flower with pointy petals

3. Where are you most likely to see an ant?
Between two paving stones
Under a pile of wet leaves
In a pond

4. Which of these will grow into a new plant?
A grain of pollen
A fallen leaf
A seed

5. Where on a flowering plant will you find next year's seeds?
In the flowers
On the stem
On the leaves

6. All butterflies were once ...

7. Why are you unlikely to find a fish in a field?
Because fish don't like grass
Because fish prefer to hide in trees
Because fish cannot live on land

8. Which of these is NOT true?
Squirrels eat nuts and berries
Squirrels build their nests underground
Squirrels store food to use in the winter

9. Where would you expect to find a woodlouse?
In a hot, sunny place
In a dark, damp place
In a dark, dry place

10. Which of these is NOT true?
Flowers produce seeds
Seeds grow into new plants
All animals lay eggs

Health and growth

Health and growth

1. Why is it not a good idea to eat a lot of sugary snacks?
They fill you up so you don't get hungry for healthy meals
They don't contain enough sugar
They contain too many vitamins

2. Which is not a good form of exercise?
Watching television

3. Regular exercise makes us ...
lethargic (sleepy and lacking in energy)
fitter and stronger
weaker and likely to become ill

4. Which is the healthiest breakfast?
A doughnut and a biscuit
A banana and a bowl of cereal

5. Which is the healthiest lunch?
Cake, apple pie, fizzy drink, crisps
Cheese sandwich, apple, milk, crisps
Biscuits, apple juice, chocolate

6. When we are thirsty, we need ...

7. How often should we eat fruit and vegetables?
Every day
Once a week
Once a month

8. How often do we need to sleep and rest?
Every day
Once a week
Once a month

9. What would happen to us if we didn't have any food or water?
Nothing would happen to us
We would become ill but then get better
We would die

10. It is best to eat ...
the same thing every day
as much as possible
a wide variety of different foods

Science year 2 worksheet

Year 2 Fill in the blanks

1.Cabbage is a food that give us ……

2. A baby need ……….. to growing up.

3. A grasshopper is animal that eat …….

4. Bear and hen are similar because they eats………….. and ………………

5. A ………….. does not look like a frog.

  6. Baby duck is call ………………

7.Plant need right amount of ………… to growhealthy.

8. The papaya fruit has ……… seeds.

9. The alarm clock needs ……….. to work 

Science Year 2 Living things and non-living things

Question Excerpt From SCIENCE YEAR 2 (Living Things and Non-Living Things)
1) Which of the following is a living thing?
     a. ball
     b. rabbit
     c. car
2) Which of the following is a non-living thing?
     a. A rose plant
     b. A mouse
     c. A car
3) Living things need_________to stay alive.
    a. food
    b. soll
4) Living things need_________ to breathe.
    a. food
    b. water
    c. air
5) A cat can _________but a table cannot.
     a. fly
     b. move by itself
     c. swim