Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Plants and animals in the local environment

Plants and animals in the local environment

1. Which of these things are you NOT likely to find in a park or garden?
An earthworm
An oak tree
A crab

2. Which of these best describes a dandelion?
A pink flower with a long stalk
A yellow flower with jagged leaves
A purple flower with pointy petals

3. Where are you most likely to see an ant?
Between two paving stones
Under a pile of wet leaves
In a pond

4. Which of these will grow into a new plant?
A grain of pollen
A fallen leaf
A seed

5. Where on a flowering plant will you find next year's seeds?
In the flowers
On the stem
On the leaves

6. All butterflies were once ...

7. Why are you unlikely to find a fish in a field?
Because fish don't like grass
Because fish prefer to hide in trees
Because fish cannot live on land

8. Which of these is NOT true?
Squirrels eat nuts and berries
Squirrels build their nests underground
Squirrels store food to use in the winter

9. Where would you expect to find a woodlouse?
In a hot, sunny place
In a dark, damp place
In a dark, dry place

10. Which of these is NOT true?
Flowers produce seeds
Seeds grow into new plants
All animals lay eggs

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