Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Health and growth

Health and growth

1. Why is it not a good idea to eat a lot of sugary snacks?
They fill you up so you don't get hungry for healthy meals
They don't contain enough sugar
They contain too many vitamins

2. Which is not a good form of exercise?
Watching television

3. Regular exercise makes us ...
lethargic (sleepy and lacking in energy)
fitter and stronger
weaker and likely to become ill

4. Which is the healthiest breakfast?
A doughnut and a biscuit
A banana and a bowl of cereal

5. Which is the healthiest lunch?
Cake, apple pie, fizzy drink, crisps
Cheese sandwich, apple, milk, crisps
Biscuits, apple juice, chocolate

6. When we are thirsty, we need ...

7. How often should we eat fruit and vegetables?
Every day
Once a week
Once a month

8. How often do we need to sleep and rest?
Every day
Once a week
Once a month

9. What would happen to us if we didn't have any food or water?
Nothing would happen to us
We would become ill but then get better
We would die

10. It is best to eat ...
the same thing every day
as much as possible
a wide variety of different foods

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